• Chrome Atomic Pro Black (2018)
  • Chrome Atomic Pro Black (2018)

Chrome Atomic Pro Black (2018)

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The Chrome range incorporates our intelligent Power Integration System to help you get the most out of the premium lay-up and construction. These sticks can pack a heavy punch but include the Energy Reduction System to reduce any stick vibration.

This is the perfect late bow. A 24mm curve peaks at 250mm up the stick for a smooth late bow which helps to ease drag flicking, overheads and 3D work without needing huge adjustments to basic skill execution.

Head Shape - Maxi

Max Curve - 24mm

Curve Position - 250mm

Max Head Thickness - 23.7mm

Min Shaft Depth - 20mm

Max Shaft Width - 49mm

Handle Width (ungripped) - 27mm

Handle Width (gripped) - 30.5mm

* This stick complies with the latest FIH Rules for all International and Domestic Tournaments and Games.

Stick Care & Advice


- Use stick tape to keep your stick in good condition around the head of the stick.

- Only replace the grip of the stick if it is really damaged, as this was put on in a factory environment and once taken off to replace it with a new one you might have to replace it on a regular basis.

- A Chamois Grip is good to put OVER your stick grip. The Chamois allows your hands to stick to the handle even on wet days. Ideal to slightly wet the Chamois before you start training or playing.

- Any small chips or holes which have appeared should be cleaned out and filled using a resin glue then once dry wrapped with stick tape.

- Some times you will get a Rattle inside your stick. It is not broken, as a little piece of carbon/glue/resin has come off inside the stick. This can be sorted out by taking off the end cap, tap the piece out then glue the cap back on.

- If the cap at the top of the stick starts to move, just remove the top of the grip, take off the cap, then use a strong glue to stick the cap back in place, rap the grip back on and leave for 24hours to dry.