• Crazycatch Wildchild Classic

Crazycatch Wildchild Classic

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-Experience the unexpected! This is a reaction trainer with a difference (Sane and insane sides) The ball returns erratically, testing and improving your reactions and hand-eye co-ordination in a manner similar to slip practice and is ideal to replace the old fashioned slip cradle.

-Excellent for practicing in groups or on your own

-Fun for all sports, schools, clubs and homes

-Sane side gives consistent rebound while insane side gives random rebound.

-Ideal for developing throwing and catching skills

-Can be used across the board by all ages

-The New A frame design allows both sides to be used at the same time

-Reaction training at Home schools and clubs

-MORE PORTABLE - Fits easily into any medium size car - including the kids

-Can be used with all sizes and shapes of balls

-As used by the South African Cricket Team

-Endorsed by Dr Sherylle Calder - Sports Eye Scpecialist for the British Olympic team - Improve hand eye / peripheral vision and general eye fitness.

-Health and Safety: Please ensure that all manufacturers operating instructions are followed.

-Size: 860mm (w) x 860mm(h)