• Adidas FlexCloud 2019 Maroon Orange
  • Adidas FlexCloud 2019 Maroon Orange Sole
  • Adidas FlexCloud 2019 Maroon Orange Side

FlexCloud MAROON/ORANGE (2019)

  • €90.00
  • €100.00
  • - 10%


These field hockey shoes are made for powerful players who make the plays that win games.
They feature a breathable mesh upper with half-sock construction, Bounce cushioning and a rubber outsole that supports quick cuts and changes in direction.
The exposed mesh areas deliver breathability and allow the foot to flex comfortably.
The 2-tone-design creates a knit-like appeal.
The stretchable inner sock provides the player with an unmatched glove-like fit.
The Bounce cushioning midsole provides comfort and is highly responsive to your movements.