• Ritual Specialist Revolution 2019 Black Grey Copper Back
  • Ritual Specialist Revolution 2019 Black Grey Copper Face

Specialist Revolution (2019)

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  • €395.00
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The most advanced hockey stick ever made

The Revolution Specialist is a triumph of sports engineering. The Specialist design is the result of an exhaustive 2-year development phase, where more than 200 different prototypes were put to the test. The final result is a revolution in hockey stick design.

An Australian designed revolution, built to precision standards. Aerospace foam core head, woven carbon and computer controlled RTM resin injection system. Lightweight, balanced, effortless. An elite level stick 100% focused on performance.

Revolution Specialist specs
Key Specs Head Handle Construction

530g Weight

400mm Balance Point

24mm Bow Height

220mm Low Bow Point

45° angle

116mm length

24.5mm thick

Silica face

30.4mm thick

Vapor Pro Grip

AntiShock+ Foam

100% Carbon